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Prof. Yoichi Ando, Ph.D.

Institute of Physics II
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Straße 77,
50937 Cologne, Germany

Tel: +49-221-470-3570
Fax: +49-221-470-6708
E-mail: ando(at)

ML4Q office cologne

Cluster of Excellence ML4Q:
Matter and Light for Quantum Computing
University of Cologne
Pohligstr. 3, 50969 Cologne, Germany

Visiting address:
Höninger Weg 100, 50969 Cologne, Germany

E-mail: ml4q-office(at)


Dr. Andrea Bliesener
Administrative Coordinator
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470-89200
E-mail: andrea.bliesener(at)


Yan Chen
Office Manager
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470-3665


Dr. Beate Saal
Finance Coordinator
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470-2571 or 470-76334
E-mail: bsaal(at)


Dr. Magda Baer Radermacher
Research School Coordinator
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470-89872
E-mail: ml4q-researchschool(at)


Dr. Eva Kanis
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Manager
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470-89197
E-mail: e.kanis(at)


Dr. Marian Barsoum
Public Outreach Manager
Tel: +49 (178) 304 1884
E-mail: ml4q-outreach(at)



ML4Q Diversity Stewards
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Job offers


Open positions within ML4Q are listed here (this page is updated regularly). Since most research group within ML4Q hire PhDs and post-docs individually, it might be advisable for potential candidates to contact suitable ML4Q members directly. Please note that there are no cluster-wide application deadlines for positions within ML4Q.

Student assistants (SHK) IT support

The CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Cologne is looking for 2 student assistants to support in IT administration, including general maintenance, technical support for hybrid events, writing comprehensible, short technical instructions and wiki articles (in German and English) as well as collaborating in projects on IT security or other IT topics.

Link to full job description

Several job openings in the newly funded Nanophysics and Quantum Photonics Group of Daqing Wang (Bonn)


The newly established Nanophysics and Quantum Photonics Group of Daqing Wang at the Institute for Applied Physics (University of Bonn) is looking for Postdocs and PhD students to start with the new labs. If you are interested in experimental work in the fields of quantum optics, AMO physics, lasers physics, just get in touch (; +49 228 73 3471).

The group also offers several topics for bachelor & master’s theses work:

Topic 1: Chiral nanoscopy using structured optical field

– Fabrication of chiral micro-/nanostructures
– Generation of structured chiral optical fields
– Extract and analyze chiral information of the sample
Knowhows you will acquire: optical microscopy, nanofabrication, structured chiral optical fields

Topic 2: Cryogenic buffer-gas molecule beam source

– Assisting the assembly of a cold molecule source
– Generating a cold beam of chiral molecules
– Laser photon-ionization and spectroscopy
Knowhows you will acquire: vacuum, cryogenic technology, pulsed lasers, electron & ion detection

Topic 3: Room-temperature single emitter nanoscopy

– Set up a room temperature fluorescence microscope
– Detect single molecules/color centers
– Peform quantum optics measurements

Knowhows you will acquire: superresolution microscopy, solid-state sample preparation, single-photon detection

Topic 4: Compact cryogenic platform for molecular spectroscopy

– Design and construct a mini-cryostat (2 Kelvin)
– Performing high-resolution spectroscopy on molecules
– Characterize photophysics of molecules in matrices

Knowhows you will acquire: cryogenic technology, narrow-linewidth lasers, precision spectroscopy

PhD positions in experimental quantum optics (Schmitt group, Bonn)

The Quantum Fluids of Light group led by Julian Schmitt at the Institute for Applied Physics, University of Bonn (Germany) is inviting applications for 2 PhD positions in experimental quantum optics. The positions are funded within an ERC Starting Grant (TopoGrand). The successful candidates will collaborate with national and international partners. For more information view the detailed job description.

PhD and Postdoc positions in the quMercury experiment (Stellmer group, Bonn)

PhD and Postdoc positions (f/m/d) are available in the Quantum Metrology research group at the University of Bonn. View the full job description for more details.


PhD positions in modeling superconducting qubits (Catelani group, Jülich)

The Catelani group at the JARA Institute for Quantum Information (PGI-11) is inviting applications for 2 PhD positions to work on modeling superconducting qubits and circuits, in particular to understand and mitigate error sources. The positions involve collaborations with partners in larger projects, in theory and/or experiment, and are funded for 3 to 4 years.

A master or equivalent degree in physics (or related fields) and proficiency in English are required. Applications should include a CV, a short letter of motivation, and name and email of two possible referees. Review of applications starts immediately, but there is some flexibility in the starting date.

Bachelor, Master, PhD positions in the Ando group (Cologne)
PhD and Postdoc position in zinc optical clocks (Stellmer group, Bonn)

A PhD position and a Postdoc position (f/m/d) are available in the Quantum Metrology research group at the University of Bonn. View the full job description for more details.