Annual reports


ML4Q set off in 2019 for a long collaborative journey. The cluster involved in its first year of funding over 150 members and associated members, a number which continued to grow in the following years. First communication and networking measures were established to enhance cross-site collaborations. The images selected for the first annual report showcase several Cologne research groups working both in experiment and theory to contribute to the project’s overall success.. Click on the cover image to download the full report.


Our journey continues as the cluster grows to involve almost 200 members and associated members. Despite – or rather because of the shift to video-conferencing – cross-group collaborations intensified and brought forth more than 20 joint publications, some of which were highlighted in the second annual report of the cluster’s activities. The images selected for this report featured research groups from RWTH Aachen University.​ Click on the cover image to download the full report.


It’s almost mid-term! Three years of collaborative work are starting to flow into several joint publications. Especially among young investigators the collaborative network is enabling exciting project ideas and research endeavors. The cluster – meanwhile comprising 250 members and associated members – is successful in recruiting excellent young scientists, thus establishing several professorships at all sites, who are portrayed in the third annual report. The report is visually enriched by captivating images showcasing the research groups affiliated with the University of Bonn. Click on the cover image to download the full report.


To ensure optimal project alignment and progress, the cluster underwent in 2022 a comprehensive midterm evaluation. This evaluation provided a valuable opportunity to assess the program’s direction, make necessary adjustments, and strategically reallocate resources for enhanced outcomes in the remaining funding period. The images chosen to illustrate the report depict cluster members from Forschungszentrum Jülich alongside the objects of their research, beautifully capturing the dynamic interplay between their work and its tangible results.​ Click on the cover image to download the full report.