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Promoting an inclusive work environment

Diversity Survey


In July 2023, ML4Q conducted a survey among all its members and associated members for the first time to assess the current status of equity, diversity and inclusion in the cluster and to develop and implement targeted measures based on this. The questions asked included the atmosphere, working conditions, general interaction, interaction between supervisors and team members, and inclusion. The data is currently being evaluated and it is planned to make it available to the members and associated members in a summarized version in the near future.

Code of Conduct


In its Code of Conduct, ML4Q has committed itself to provide a working and research environment in which all members feel welcome, valued, belonging and comfortable. We are convinced that excellent research can only be achieved if respectful interaction is a standard and any form of discrimination is met with zero tolerance. However, as we are aware that a world free of prejudice – as much as we strive for it – is (still) utopia, we have established a specific, low-threshold support for people who experience discriminatory behaviour with our Diversity Stewards.