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In our dynamic and globalized world, diversity is not just a buzzword, but an important factor that drives innovation, creativity, excellence and success. We are proud to have a bright diversity of people in ML4Q, all bringing unique perspectives, experiences and talents to the table. Diversity is not just a statistic; it is the rich variety of individual experiences.

We want to get to know the stories behind the people and benefit from the experiences they have made, recognising and celebrating their uniqueness and thus promoting mutual understanding.

To further raise awareness, important awareness and public holidays are listed in the Diversity Calendar. ML4Q members are invited to suggest days and are also welcome to make a small contribution.

Life as a scientist

Being a scientist is probably one of the most wonderful profession you can imagine. Having the opportunity to work together with young and bright people from all over the world is just a fantastic opportunity. Helping to stay young as well!

Once every two years we go for a seminar, exchanging ideas, intensively discussing about physics, but also having time to have fun, getting to know each other better and teaming up. Being born in Hamburg, I always liked to be at the coast line, already as a child walking along the beach and wondering what to find beyond the horizons drove my curiosity. Today, being there, feeling the forces of nature, the wind and the waves as well getting grounded with bare feet in the muddy sand of the wadden sea is still one of my favoured times. Having the opportunity to share this experience with friends, colleagues and young people from all over the world is just great. Being a scientist I still want to look beyond the horizons, keep on playing with imaginations and try how far my thoughts can carry me. Is there any difference between work and life?




Detlev Grützmacher

Jülich Site Representative/Institute Director PGI-9

Karneval in Bonn

The festivities in Bonn officially kick off on November 11th at 11:11 AM, but I have never celebrated on that day. The climax of Karneval in Bonn occurs in the days leading up to Rosenmontag.

Usually, I start my Karneval tradition on Weiberfastnacht by going to Bonn-Beuel City Hall. The streets of Bonn-Beuel come alive on Weiberfastnacht with a burst of color and Karneval music. Everyone wears a funny costume and sings and dances on the streets. On that day, women are allowed to cut off men’s ties as a funny act of empowerment.

I really like Karneval because it’s fun to dress up. My friends and I always meet up one month before the season starts. We collect our ideas and prepare the costumes together. My favorite costume was our group costume in 2019 when we all dressed up as sushi and sushi supplies. I was an Ebi Nigiri, one of my favorite dishes.

Usually, people celebrate on the streets, and the highlight is Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) with a parade (Rosenmontagszug). There are decorated floats, marching bands, and thousands of participants in colorful costumes. They usually throw out candies, flowers, and small gifts from their floats. But it’s also very crowded, so you need to be there early in order to see everything.

If you are living in the Cologne/Bonn area, take a look at Karneval. It’s amusing, and I promise the music gets better when you drink more Kölsch.

Yan Chen

ML4Q Office Manager