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Nature is fascinating and so is physics let alone quantum physics! Join us as we delve into the lives of scientists and the complexity of their research topics. Grab a drink, hop on a bus or go for a walk and listen to the many different stories about being a scientist and basically doing something for a living only a few can understand.

Our guests are all involved in the research mission of ML4Q, a German consortium dedicated to develop the best hardware platform for quantum information technology, and provide comprehensive blueprints for a functional quantum information network.

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New podcast episode with Julian Schmitt

New podcast episode with Julian Schmitt

  In the podcast's last episode in 2023, Chris talks to ML4Q member, Julian Schmitt, leader of the junior research group “Quantum fluids of light” at the University of Bonn. Julian recently received an ERC Starting Grant, the ML4Q Independence Grant. In 2022 he...

Erwann Bocquillon speaks on ML4Q&A

Erwann Bocquillon speaks on ML4Q&A

  One central milestone in the cluster's mission is the attraction of excellent young talents in the highly dynamic field of quantum computing. This was achieved in the last few years by the establishment of several professorships at all cluster sites. Newly...

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