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Inside academia

In addition to events organised by partner universities/institutions, which ML4Q promotes, the cluster is establishing a new event format: Inside academia. Within the framework of this format, talks, networking and information events and activities for specific target groups will take place, focussing mainly on non-academic aspects of the scientific environment. The aim is to create awareness of various challenges and inequalities within the scientific system, to provide opportunities for networking within different target groups, but also to create space for discussions and dialogue.
Basically, Inside academia is an internal cluster format; selected events will also be made accessible to external interested people

Upcoming events


On 23 February, the next Inside academia event will take place at the Residenz cinema in Cologne, focusing on women* and what it can mean to be a woman* in the scientific system.
Interested female* natural scientists are invited to watch the film “Picture a scientist” together. After the film, ML4Q-professor Silvia Pappalardi will give a brief insight into how she has experienced her career as a female scientist in physics so far, where she herself may have faced prejudices or barriers and what it means to her to be a woman in science.
Following this short input, there will be the opportunity to exchange ideas openly, share experiences, discuss critically and express everything that affects one as a woman* in science and especially in the natural sciences/physics. To ensure that the evening is not entirely critical and serious, the exchange will take place while enjoying drinks and finger food.
This event addresses both the female* scientists of ML4Q and in the natural sciences at the participating universities.

* all persons who are categorised as female and are confronted with gender-specific prejudices, barriers and challenges


To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, Prof. Carla Schriever will give an online talk on: Who is this Mr Noether? On the interdisciplinary (in)visualisation of female scientists

Women were excluded from science for decades. Many of them only managed to study through detours and only achieved a doctorate with support. In scientific discourse, their theories are often ignored or mentioned as a side note. Yet female scientists, whether in the natural sciences or the humanities, have made great achievements since ancient times. The talk will look at different personalities and the obstacles they have faced and raise the question of whether interdisciplinary collaboration would have made the paths of many brilliant women easier and how we can promote solidarity among female scientists from all disciplines in the future – to make the paths into science better for women.

The talk will be given by Prof Carla Schriever, Professor for Social Work at the International University of Lübeck, whose research focuses on social inequality, gender and science history. She is also the author of the book “Vordenkerinnen: Physikerinnen und Philosophinnen durch die Jahrhunderte”, which we will be awarding as part of this event.

How can I win the lottery? Simply enter in the free text field in the registration which woman inspires you and why. Don’t worry, a few bullet points are enough, you don’t have to write an essay 😉 The collected answers will be presented on a slide after the talk and we will pick a name live from the virtual lottery pot. Just as note: the book is only available in German.

Interested people can register at the following link: https://ml4q.de/registration-international-womens-day/


Previous events


On 24 November 2023, the first event within the new ML4Q-format “Inside academia” took place. Prof. Jana Lasser, founding member of the Network against Abuse of Power in Science, was invited as guest. In her talk “Power abuse in academia – problem description and suggestions for solutions”, she highlighted various forms of power in the academic system, illustrated their abuse using case studies and suggested possible solutions at an individual, institutional and system level.
The following discussion offered the opportunity to dive deeper and more explicitly into the topic and was used lively by the participants. We are happy that the talk was well attended by internal and external participants.

Not part of the Inside academia frame yet, but a first start in the context of what Inside academia is all about was the talk by Prof. Martina Erlemann at the ML4Q Conference on 15 September 2023.
Her talk on Gender & Diversity in the Cultures of Physics presented research on gender and diversity in physics, with a particular focus on studies on workplace cultures in physics and their impact on young scientists’ sense of belonging to the physics community.
The following discussion was an opportunity to ask questions and to put everything heard directly into context with one’s own experience in the research environment.