Staying ahead of the hype in quantum

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Does it?
This article – written by Peter Cooper, Philipp Ernst, Dieter Kiewell, and Dickon Pinner – was published in May 2022 by McKinsey & Company:



Until about ten years ago, quantum information was your typical academic niche field populated by nerdy scientists, with a vague grand promise of revolutionary applications in the distant future. How the times have changed: today, quantum computing is featured world-wide in the press, by politicians, and captains of industry. Is there substance to this, or is it all hype? We will discuss these questions in an internal meeting for researchers involved in the cluster. To kick off, we’ll hear a talk from a veteran in artificial intelligence research — a field that went through successive cycles of hype and winter, now finally delivering on its promises.



Organized by:

Prof. David Gross, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne
Dr. lr. Vincent Mourik, Solid State Quantum Devices Laboratory (PGI-11), Forschungszentrum Jülich



31 January 2024, at 1 pm



Lecture hall 4.001
Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology
Pohligstr. 3, Cologne
Note: Please use the entrance “Höninger Weg 100”. The elevator leads directly to the entrance of the lecture hall on the 4th floor.


Participating online:

Registered participants will receive the Zoom link a few days before the workshop. In case you need further help, drop the ML4Q Office a line via ml4q-office(at)



1.00 pm
Kick-Off Talk by Prof. Ulrike Luxburg (University of Tübingen)
Hype in AI and its impact on research(ers)

1.30 pm
Comment by Vincent Mourik (FZJ)
Hype and Quantum Computing: Some questions and perspectives

2.00 pm      Group phase

2.45 pm      Coffee

3.15 pm       Discussion

4.00 pm       End of meeting


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