ML4Q Career Talks

ML4Q Career Talks

In this seminar series for students and postdocs, we will present various career options in Quantum Technologies and Information. Our members and alumni would talk about their professional development and their experience in their current position. The talks given by invited speakers will be followed by informal discussion and opportunities for more individual interactions. The first talk on ‘Research in Acedemia and Industry’ took place on May 25, 2021. The next one is planned for May 13th, 2022. If you have any question to this series or would like to propose a guest(s) for the next talk, please contact the Research School coordinator.

Upcoming and past events

Academia - Research & Management

When: 13. May 2021, 15:00
Who: Mariami Gachechiladze (former postdoc in Groß group, now newly appointed professor at TU Darmstadt) and Andrea Bliesener (former PhD Student in Ando group, now Equal Opportunity Coordinator who supported the ML4Q Cluster as the administrative coordinator in the last 6 Months).
Where: online (details via email)

Research in Academia and Industry

When: 25. May 2021, 16:00
Who: Dr. Dante Kennes (Uni – Prof. at RWTH Aachen, ML4Q member) and Dr. Christian Gogolin (Expert for Quantum Computing at Covestro)
Where: online (details via email)

Preliminary registration for the event

If you are interested in attending the ML4Q Career Talk, please fill in the pre-registration form – this would help us in organisation of the event. Thank you in advance!
Please note that this event is mostly for ML4Q associates. If you are not ML4Q member please contact Research School Coordinator first.