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We are looking for PhDs, post-docs, and administrative staff working in various fields connected to ML4Q, check this page regularly for new job announcements.

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Early-career support

Attracting and retaining the best young talent in the field by offering
competitive career opportunities is a top priority for ML4Q. More
information coming soon.

Equal-opportunity support

Details on our diversity and equal-opportunity program will be published
here soon.


Job offers


Open positions within ML4Q are listed here (this page is updated regularly). Since most research group within ML4Q hire PhDs and post-docs individually, it might be advisable for potential candidates to contact suitable ML4Q members directly. Please note that there are no cluster-wide application deadlines for positions within ML4Q.

Bachelor, Master, PhD positions in the Ando group (Cologne)
Post-Doc position (Aachen/Jülich)

Post-Doc position for developing a 4-tip STM operating at 20 GHz and below 1K at RWTH Aachen/FZ Jülich
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