This year ML4Q is co-organizing the Rheinland event for Soapbox Science. In case you are not familiar with this event: Soapbox Science is a public outreach platform for promoting women and non-binary scientists and the science they do. Events take place starting from March each year and transform public areas into an arena for public learning and scientific debate. No middle man, no PowerPoint slide, no amphitheatre – just remarkable scientists who are there to amaze with their latest discoveries, and to answer the science questions the public have been burning to ask.

Our Rheinland event will take place this year in downtown Düsseldorf (Shadowplatz) on August 5, 2023. We are still looking for speakers who want to share their science journey in public.

In the last two years, ML4Q scientists participated in Soapbox Science Rheinland. If you want to have a look on how that went, just click on our News section:

Science to go – Anne Mathies joins Soapbox Science 2022


Science on the run – Kathrin Dorn talks about Schrödinger’s Cat at Soapbox Science