ML4Q Undergraduate Internships

A delightful mix of hard work and great fun

The ten weeks I spent in Bonn were a delightful mix of hard work, skill development, invaluable mentorship, and great fun. I investigated quantum process tomography techniques to compare time-evolution simulation circuits, which I ran on superconducting chips available through the cloud. Besides learning how to conduct an extensive literature review, how to program a quantum computer and to relate experimental results to their physical origins, I underwent a true scientist’s process of overcoming difficulties in a research project. This is a priceless lesson I will always build on: how to think about the problem I am facing, to understand the reason why I am stuck, and to come up with promising methods for solving the issue. I am grateful to my supervisor and all the group members for taking the time to teach me both Physics and academic life hacks, as well as for being so friendly and welcoming. ML4Q is such a rich resource for anyone who wants to learn about quantum technology – I hope as many students as possible discover it!


Maria Dinca, Master student in Physics, University of Oxford, UK
Intern in 2023 in the Luitz group, Bonn

Fascinating research on quantum dots

My summer in Aachen was nothing short of extraordinary and quite possibly the greatest experience of my life. From day one, I felt at home in this new city, thanks to the warm welcome from my colleagues and housemates.
Working with Professor Christoph Stampfer’s group at RWTH Aachen University was truly amazing. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in fascinating research on quantum dots in bilayer graphene, and I was met with exceptional kindness and mentorship from my colleagues. Learning and working were incredibly rewarding. I gained hands-on experience with experimental setups and deepened my understanding of the field. Beyond the lab, I explored the rich scientific landscape and attended insightful presentations and events.
This journey not only deepened my passion for physics but also forged lasting friendships. I’m immensely grateful for this enriching experience, which has left an indelible mark on my heart and mind.

Petra Ivatović, Master student in Physics, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Intern in 2023 in the Stampfer group, Aachen

Connecting with people all over the cluster

This was my first experience in a research lab, working on creating lattice potentials for photon Bose-Einstein condensates. It was especially precious that I could discuss with the people who had been doing the research themselves. I also learned useful techniques for building an optical setup, which one could only learn hands-on. This has motivated me to do a project in quantum optics in my course. I am very grateful for the support from my supervisor and everyone involved.

What I felt special was that I could connect with people all over the cluster and see the community, through the Retreat, the Annual Conference, the Career Event, seminars, and the events that we interns arranged ourselves. I enjoyed asking people about their experience in physics the most, because those helped me see my own possibilities and encouraged me to go further.

Jiaxin Liu, Master student in Physics, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK
Intern in 2023 in the Junior Group of Julian Schmitt, Bonn

Working on a real quantum computer

I participated in a theoretical physics internship at RWTH Aachen over the summer, where I worked on faster calibration methods for operations in trapped-ion quantum devices. I learned a lot not only from my work but especially from my colleagues in the lab. As a member of ML4Q, I attended conferences and seminars, and visited Forschungszentrum Jülich, and as part of my work, I also did a week-long trip to Mainz, where I had the opportunity to test my work on a real quantum computer. I’m immensely grateful for my mentorship over the summer and for my stay in Aachen as a whole, I will have great memories of the city and of Nordhrein-Westfalen. This experience definitely helped me define my post-graduation goals, and now I strongly consider doing a master in a university of the ML4Q cluster.

Joao Henrique Oliveira Fontes, Physics student at the University of Chicago
Global Quantum Leap intern in 2023 in the group of Markus Müller, Aachen

Still in touch with my advisor

I interned at Forschungszentrum Jülich over 9 weeks in the summer, working on optimising simple pulses in overparameterized systems. This was a fascinating experience that allowed me to learn more about the field and interact with expert researchers. Over the course of my time there I saw a real quantum computer, went to two conferences, and managed to find an innovative solution to our problem. I am still in touch with my advisor, chatting about our research and the work I did there, which we hope to publish soon. My time at Jülich was lovely, allowing me to invest myself in a new academic culture and work on some state of the art problems. The ML4Q team helped make my time there as nice as possible, being responsive and as accommodating as possible. I hope future interns can enjoy and utilize this experience to its fullest!

Yonatan Gideoni, B.Sc. Expanded Physics Track with Computer Science Minor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Intern in 2022 in the Rosati group, PGI-12, Jülich

A valuable and rewarding experience

I participated in the ML4Q internship at the University of Bonn working on Waveguide-QED with Rydberg superatoms and it was an incredibly enriching experience. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet and work with some of the brightest minds in the field, but I was also able to immerse myself in a new culture and feel part of the group from the first day.

During my stay, I was involved in different research and outreach projects, also I had the chance to attend a number of seminars and workshops. I am more than grateful for all the support and guidance provided by my supervisors, not only with my questions in the lab, but also everything related to my stay in Bonn.

Overall, I feel that my internship was a valuable and rewarding experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a dynamic and stimulating academic community.

Ricardo Escobar Gavilanez, Master student in the Erasmus Mundus program in Applied Physics, Ecuador
Intern in 2022 in the Hofferberth lab, Bonn

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