The Clusters of Excellence @ the University of Bonn…

… invited to a science slam in the Arkadenhof courtyard.

The Slammies

Andreas – slamming for ML4Q

The guy with the bell stopped the slammies after 10 minutes – Andreas didn’t need it 😉

The winner of the evening – Lukas Drees from the Cluster of Excellence phenorob

Around 600 attendees enjoyed last Monday evening the Excellence slam event organized jointly by the Clusters of Excellence at the University of Bonn. Five of the six Bonn clusters presented a 10 minutes slam talk summarizing ongoing research to the non-specialized audience. The best talk – given by Lukas Drees from the phenorob Cluster of Excellence –  was elected later by the audience which enthusiastically voted by clapping for the slammers.

Artificial intelligence for the agriculture of the future,
predisposition for diseases,
the role of culture in parental leave planning,
light trapped in mirror mazes,
and the tackling of transport problems were the topics that were humorously introduced, bringing research from different disciplines closer to a broad audience.

Andreas Redmann, our slammer for ML4Q who is currently working on his PhD project in the group of Martin Weitz, took his audience on a little tour through his lab showing the often so cluttered optical table. By presenting his experimental setup using mini mirror-mazes for light, he explained his work on quantum communication and how he is investigating the ways by which the photons can be entangled in order to use them one day to transmit encrypted information.

The event was moderated by David Fußhöller, and took place in the Arkadenhof courtyard at the historic main building of the University of Bonn.
Link to the news article of the University of Bonn
Link to the event website with profiles of all the slammers 

We now know why we have the excellence clusters and feel connected to the research taking place there.

~ Annika and Miriam who are currently studying Political Science and Agricultural Sciences at Uni Bonn


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