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We are proud to announce that one of our cluster’s early career scientists, Mariami Gachechiladze, has started her professorship for Quantum Computing at TU Darmstadt as of February 1, 2022.

Mariami (to many of us just known as Mari) joined our cluster in its first year and worked in the group of David Gross at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Cologne for 3 years. She finished her PhD studies at the Universities of Siegen and Innsbruck following up on her Master’s degree from the University of Oxford and her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the American University in Bulgaria. Watch Mari in Next Stop ML4Q telling about her journey in science and her passion for quantum computing.

To obtain a PhD in theoretical physics as a computer scientist by training. (Mari Gachechiladze on her biggest milestone in her career so far, 2022)

Mari also has a passion for empowering girls and young women who want to pursue a career in Mathematics, Computer Science or related topics. She contributed to Q-Turn 2020 – a unique international quantum information workshop series which fosters an inclusive community and highlights outstanding research that may be under-appreciated in other high-impact venues due to systemic biases. She shared her thoughts in this video on diversity in science and how she is experiencing the challenges that face female scientist coming from a third-world country.

Mari was also interviewed by the TU Darmstadt on the occasion of the start of her professorship. Have a look in our blog to read Mari’s thoughts on the most interesting aspects of her research and which subject she would like to learn more about.


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