In Next stop ML4Q, young scientists joining our cluster talk about their career steps before moving to one of our universities. Watch in this episode Annika Kurzmann, .

Annika successfully acquired a Junior Principal Investigator Fellowship of RWTH Aachen University where she is hosted by the Stampfer group. As a postdoc in Klaus Ensslin’s group at ETH Zurich, Annika acquired expertise in quantum transport measurements that provide the basis for the fabrication and characterization of nanodevices based on 2D materials. In addition, she also masters high-resolution optical spectroscopy techniques, which have been key ingredients of her PhD work on self-assembled quantum dots in the group of Axel Lorke at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Annika started her independent research in Aachen in January 2021. The goal of her project is to investigate the potential of single photon emitters and quantum dots in 2D materials for applications in quantum information processing.

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