Atomic and electronic structures of twisted bilayer MoS2 © Lede Xian, Martin Claassen et al./ Nature

ML4Q researchers from Aachen (Kennes group) and Cologne (Trebst group) have published with colleagues from Hamburg and the US a Nature Communications paper on the collective behavior of twisted bilayer MoS2 in the presence of interactions. In the study, the authors characterize an array of different magnetic and orbitally-ordered correlated phases, which may be susceptible to quantum fluctuations giving rise to exotic, purely quantum, states of matter – congratulations to all the authors on this productive cross-site collaboration!

Publication: Xian, L., Claassen, M., Kiese, D. et al. Realization of nearly dispersionless bands with strong orbital anisotropy from destructive interference in twisted bilayer MoS2. Nat Commun 12, 5644 (2021).


In a previous publication in Nature Physics, ML4Q PI Dante Kennes and colleagues already reported on the potential of twisted van der Waals materials that could enable exotic matter:

New insights on twisted van der Waals materials in Nature Physics

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