Following his participation in a plenary session on Quantum Computing at the Alpbach Technology Symposium, Tommaso Calarco was interviewed by the Austrian Der Standard on the potential of Quantum Computing and how it can affect developments in Artificial Intelligence and vice verca. Tommaso also commented on Europe’s position in the race for developing groundbreaking quantum computing architectures.

Link to the article [in German]:

The Alpbach Technology Symposium is organized by the Austrian Institute of Technology and the European Forum Alpbach (EFA) which is a platform that advances ideas for a strengthened and democratic Europe. It brings together young people, leading scholars, thinkers, scientists, policy makers, business people and civil society actors from Europe and around the world to engage and contribute to its mission to shape a stronger Europe. “We urgently need answers to the questions: How can we secure our future, see the climate crisis as an opportunity, and how can we finance our ideas for Europe in the years and decades ahead?,” explains Andreas Treichl, President of the Forum. “Alpbach has been a place of brilliant minds, a place where intellectual exchange between scientists, experts from business, culture and politics has been encouraged and challenged, for the past 75 years. And it will remain that way.”
“We want to explore these topics and discuss them in an interdisciplinary approach and develop solutions based on our analysis. We are aware of the fact that this can only succeed in collaboration with tomorrow’s generation”, says Werner Wutscher, Managing Director of European Forum Alpbach.

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