Coming out soon – O Q Qunatico

Coming out soon - O Q Qunatico   A podcast by a team of Portugese scientists including ML4Q member Gláucia Murta will be soon released A quick search for the word 'quantum' on Google can bring up search results that have nothing to do with science, but which...

Julian Schmitt wins Rudolf Kaiser Prize

Julian Schmitt wins Rudolf Kaiser Prize   ML4Q member and Young Investigator, Julian Schmitt, won the Rudolf Kaiser Prize 2023. Julian is recognized for “developing methods for monitoring quantum gases and measuring the compressibility and equation of state of a...

ML4Q starts new call for postdoctoral fellowships

  An important mission of ML4Q is to provide early career stage researchers in the quantum science and technology field with excellent work environment, space for developing own research ideas and training opportunities. ML4Q has now started its new ML4Q...

Fundamental Equation for Superconducting Quantum Bits Revised

Fundamental Equation for Superconducting Quantum Bits Revised   Quantum bits can be described more precisely with the help of newly discovered harmonics as a team of 30 researchers reports in Nature Physics.   Researchers at the University of Cologne, in a...

Physik für Großeltern – zweite Staffel geht erfolgreich zu Ende

Physik für Großeltern - zweite Staffel erfolgreich beendet   Letzte Woche Donnerstag fand die letzte Vorlesung der Reihe Physik für Großeltern und andere Wissbegierige statt. Thema war: Wie wir das Klima beeinflussen? Physiker und Seniorprofessor Dieter Meschede...


About ML4Q

“Matter and Light for Quantum Computing” (ML4Q) is a Cluster of Excellence established in 2019 within the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. In ML4Q, scientists from the universities of Cologne, Aachen and Bonn as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich come together to spearhead quantum computing research.

ML4Q at a glance (download link)
A brief introduction to the Excellence Strategy (video link)


The aim of ML4Q is to develop new computing and networking architectures using the principles of quantum mechanics. Computing and networking power beyond anything classically imaginable would make quantum computers powerful tools in key areas such as materials design, pharmaceutics, or artificial intelligence. Quantum communication could be made effectively secure.
ML4Q builds on and expands the complementary expertise in the three key research fields (solid-state physics, quantum optics, and quantum information science) at the partner institutions in order to develop the best hardware platform for quantum information technology, and provide comprehensive blueprints for a functional quantum information network.