PI Afternoon: ML4Q members gather atop Cologne’s rooftop discussing about future directions in ML4Q2

Yesterday, members of ML4Q convened atop Cologne’s rooftop for a reflective session, recapping the progress of the previous months and eagerly anticipating the exciting planning phase of ML4Q2 ahead.


The PI Afternoon held on February 28, 2024, at the Sturmfreie Bude Köln, gathered ML4Q members to reflect on latest achievements and look ahead to an exciting ML4Q-2 agenda. Atop the rooftops of Cologne, a special atmosphere set the stage for an afternoon of engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Alex Altland started with an overview of the ML4Q-2 concept, highlighting its planned research areas and outlining the objectives of key cross-sectional topics related to EDI measures, training of early career scientists as well as managing software development. The day drew to a close with a joint dinner, where attendees continued to network and discuss science in a relaxed setting.