René Otten and Christian Gogolin on current developments at “Ein Quantum Weihnacht”

​The coordination office QT.NMWP.NRW which is dedicated to bring quantum technology scientists and industry in NRW together and stimulate know-how transfer in the region, invited ML4Q associated members, René Otten and Christian Gogolin, to join the online event “A Quantum Christmas”. The event which looks at prospects of industrial use cases for quantum computing was organized together with Bayern Innovativ.

The first talk was given by René Otten (starting at 10:05 in the video recording below) who reported on current developments in qubit designs and presented ARQUE Systems, a dynamic startup and a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University and the Forschungszentrum Jülich, which was founded in 2022. ARQUE’s mission is to build fully scalable quantum computers using electron spins in silicon, leveraging a unique shuttling-based quantum computing unit.
Their story begins with ML4Q core project P3.3, where they laid the foundation for innovation. They successfully transferred the cutting-edge technology of electron spin shuttling to industrial semiconductor production lines at Infineon Dresden, effectively bridging the gap between academia and industry. Establishing a complete supply chain, ARQUE Systems now works with industry-grade quantum processing units, setting new standards in semiconductor quantum computing.
At the heart of ARQUE’s technology lies the concept of electron spin shuttling, a revolutionary approach that enables qubits with a mere 100 nm footprint to
be transferred coherently across the entire quantum chip architecture on the micrometer scale. The increased space between neighboring qubits facilitates the integration of control electronics directly on the quantum chip, significantly reducing signal cross-talk and ensuring higher qubit fidelities, thus unlocking the true potential of quantum computing. With this approach, a quantum chip with the size of 1 cm 2 can host 1 million qubits without compromising their operation fidelities.

Insights into the potential of quantum computing in solving problems in the chemical industry were given by Christian Gogolin (starting at 01:00:05 in the video recording below), head of High Performance & Quantum Computing at Covestro R&D and principal investigator in ML4Q core project B5 titled “Quantum Software for the Near and Mid-Term”.

View the seminar recording [in German]: