We continue to feature some of our experimental physicists. In this episode, we talk to Jan Klos, PhD student and associated member of ML4Q. Jan – who is almost done with his PhD thesis – performed his project in the group of Hendrik Bluhm and Lars Schreiber at the JARA Institute for Quantum Information. In the episode, Chris talks with Jan about going from a Master project in simulating quantum dot spin qubits to a PhD project fabricating them. They also discuss outreach, student supervision, thesis writing and working with engineers.

Listen here to the full podcast episode with Jan or using your podcatcher.

00:00:00            Intro
00:00:35            Undergraduate studies, Bachelor thesis at Fraunhofer ILT
00:02:20            Master studies in theoretical solid-state physics and quantum information at RWTH Aachen
00:05:25            Settling on the Master project with Dr. Lars Schreiber
00:07:30            Basic principle of spin qubits and quantum dots
00:09:30            Simulating quantum dot spin qubits
00:16:15            What do you enjoy more – theoretical or experimental work?
00:20:11            Getting started with the PhD project
00:22:57            Beyond silicon – talking about other materials
00:26:05            Academic silicon vs. industry silicon
00:28:49            Partnering up with engineers at the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics
00:34:45            How did you build your first quantum dot device?
00:36:48            Partnering up with industry to transfer academic know-how
00:38:20            How is your day-to-day life in the lab?
00:43:35            Supervision of Bachelor and Master students
00:49:00            1 or 2?
00:52:33            Impact of quantum dot spin qubit research on materials science
00:53:55            More quantum dots or better quantum dots?
00:54:55            Aluminum oxide or silicon oxide?
00:57:09            How does ML4Q influence PhD students
00:58:16            Outreach activities
01:00:40            Future of quantum
01:02:00            Finishing the PhD thesis
01:06:46            Plans after the PhD

While recording, Alex Jahn – who is not only a talented web designer and a great podcast editor but obviously a gifted illustrator – made this drawing of the one and a half hour talk between Chris and Jan:


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