ML4Q&A now moves on to feature some of our experimental physicists and we start with Rami Barends, recently appointed head of the Institute for Functional Quantum Systems at Forschungszentrum Jülich and associated member of ML4Q.

Chris (postdoc in the Ando lab) prepared for our listeners a great outline touching upon different topics in Rami’s career and research experience. He starts off talking about his research on superconducting circuits and the long way from his PhD work on superconducting detectors for astrophysics to demonstrating beyond classical computation with superconducting qubits at Google. Chris also didn’t miss out on getting some impressions about the differences Rami experienced in conducting research in acadmia as opposed to his time at Google.

Listen here to the full podcast episode with Rami or using your podcatcher.


While recording, Alex Jahn – who is not only a talented web designer and a great podcast editor but obviously a gifted illustrator – made this drawing of the one and a half hour talk between Chris and Rami:


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