In the last few years, quantum computing has been elevated from a basic research concept towards a viable cloud quantum computer, which will be affecting people’s everyday lives in multiple ways. The European research project OpenSuperQ is building a quantum computer that, in certain tasks, will by far outperform today’s classical supercomputers by moving from classical parallel computing to quantum computing.

“In the OpenSuperQ project, the great opportunity is that we have the best minds and the best researchers in Europe working together towards a common goal”, coordinator and ML4Q member Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch underlines the excellent collaboration within the project.

But how does quantum computing actually work? In order to explain the different technologies and processes that need to come together in quantum computing, the OpenSuperQ team has released a brand-new video clip. The video offers a peek into the laboratory at Forschungszentrum Jülich, where the final quantum computing set-up is being developed. While Prof. Wilhelm-Mauch gives an overview of the overall set-up, individual features are explained in short interview statements from the various topic experts working together in OpenSuperQ.

Bringing together ten international partners from academia and industry, OpenSuperQ is part of the Quantum Flagship, which was launched in 2018 as one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives of the European Union.

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