In our new podcast series ML4Q&A, we want to give researchers in the cluster the opportunity to explain their research activities to the scientific community and the scientifically interested public. We will talk about specific projects, but also about how the field of quantum technology is evolving and how it is to be part of this field. The podcast is going to feature the work of members in and close to the ML4Q in different academic positions.

In the first episode, we meet Martino Calzavara, a PhD researcher in the PGI-8 Institute for Quantum Control at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. We talk about him moving to Germany for his PhD and learning German, his experiences in academia as part of ML4Q as well as ultracold atom systems and how quantum control could help to cool these. We also talk about his simulations of these systems and machine learning, conferences in the times of a pandemic and Italian Pannetone vs. Pandoro.

Listen here to the full podcast episode with Martino or using your podcatcher.

We also prepared this short video to give you a taste of the full episode. Enjoy!