(c) Martin Kliesch, www.mkliesch.eu

We are glad to welcome Martin Kliesch as junior professor at Heinrich Heine University and associated member of our cluster. Martin is leading the Quantum Technology group within the Emmy Noether funding program of the DFG. After completing his PhD studies in the group of Jens Eisert (FU Berlin), Martin joined the Gross group in Cologne as a postdoc and was afterwards the principal investigator of the EU funded Polonez project Compressed sensing and quantum many-body physics at the University of Gdansk.

Martin’s group is dedicated to study the worst-case errors in quantum dynamics verification, provide new quantum process tomography protocols, perform a first systematic study of the role of temporal noise correlations in quantum processes, and perform the role of noise in the complexity of classical simulations of complex quantum systems. The goal is to develop methods that are simultaneously practical and mathematically rigorous, as is often required for high complexity.

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