As part of the celebrations of Physical Review A’s 50th anniversary, the journal is highlighting a collection of milestone papers. The collection contains papers that have made important contributions to atomic, molecular, and optical physics and quantum information by announcing significant discoveries or by initiating new areas of research. Many of them have had a far-reaching impact on other subjects of the physical sciences. The papers in this collection span all decades of the journal’s existence and all subject areas covered by the journal.

The collection which is extended on a bi-weekly basis includes two papers by David DiVincenzo published in 1995 and 1998. In the first paper “Quantum computation with quantum dots” (Physical Review A 57, 120 (1998)) David DiVincenzo and Daniel Loss laid out a proposal for quantum computation based on quantum dots. A detailed implementation of a universal set of one- and two-quantum-bit gates using the spin states of coupled single-electron quantum dots is presented. Following the proposal, significant theoretical and experimental achievements have made quantum dots another candidate platform for quantum computation.

In the second paper “Elementary gates for quantum computation” (Physical Review A 52, 3457 (1995)), Barenco and collaborators showed that the combination of classical two-bit gate with quantum one-bit gates are universal, and derived bounds on the number of elementary gates required to construct several two- and three-bit quantum gates.

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