This is the first version of the fabrication map for the Aachen site. Feel free to send us your comments (mail to on the post including other map elements that could be added.

Fabrication is the first step in many projects, whether you do it yourself or have a fabrication team supporting you. The extent of realization of proposals invariably sees a bottleneck in experimental realization, often the limitation of fabrication capability.

Whether you are trying to break past your hurdles or visualize your fabrication, a complete picture of the possibilities that already exist within our ML4Q framework is a great place to start. With the idea of creating a hub for all available infrastructure, we create this Fabrication Map for the Aachen site. We would appreciate your interactive feedback on any additions to the map and your input to create similar maps for the other cluster sites.

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Image: Simon Wegener

About Priya

Priya went around the world in 8 years before settling in Aachen in search of Majorana fermions and meaning in life. Majorana remains elusive and the meaning in life remains 42. She enjoys climbing, playing the violin and witty banter with friends. To keep her sanity, she enjoys riding her beloved bike, relishes Chinese dumplings, and never loses the motivation to explore the unexplored.