It is an exciting week for the quantum community and parallel to the Berlin Science Week, ​the European Quantum Week is organized by the European Quantum Flagship, with the collaboration of the European Commission, as an online multi-modular event.

The program includes outreach activities for the general public, specialized talks and presentations for the quantum community as well as European policy-making and institutional visions for the future of Europe within the field of Quantum Technologies. In a more specialized ambience, it also features presentations and talks by quantum experts, who will show the latest results obtained by the Quantum Flagship projects.

ML4Q members and associated members are involved in the multi-faceted program. While Tommaso Calarco is part of the round table discussion organized on the first day of the event, Frank Wilhelm-Mauch leads an educational session targeted to high school classes introducing the broad topic of quantum technologies. Latest results on the OpenSuperQ project aiming at the establishment of a working prototype of a high-performance quantum computing system at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) will be presented by Frank Wilhelm-Mauch in the session dedicated to the computing pillar of the flagship program.

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