Prof. Weitz am Messtisch. Die Physiker haben eine “Einbahnstraße für Licht” erschaffen, indem sie ein Bose-Einstein-Kondensat gezielt in optische Mulden befördern am 06.11.19 Foto: © Volker Lannert Originalfilename: uni_vl_weitz_051119_1

​In a combined effort of the research groups of Martin Weitz and Achim Rosch within Focus Area 4, new findings were published in Science. Kurtscheid et al. introduce a method of irreversibly, but coherently, populating a split state with photons by thermalizing the photons into a low-energy ground state by repeated absorption-emission interaction with a fluorescent dye within a double-dimple optical cavity. Generation of such a coherent split state could be used as a precursor step to the quasi-continuous creation of many-body entangled states of light, which could be useful in applications in quantum communication, computing, and simulation. [Press release of the University of Bonn; (c) Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn]

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