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ML4Q helps to train the next generation of scientists and engineers in quantum technology. The cluster-wide ML4Q Research School  builds on the successful existing inter-site structure, the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS), and connects closely to the Research Training Group on ‘Quantum many-body methods in condensed matter systems’ (RTG 1995) in Aachen. It provides support in training and scientific development to  young researchers from master to postdoctoral level.

The three participating universities offer a wide variety of courses allowing undergraduate students at all sites to complete the master programs or specialization areas related to  quantum science and technology. The already well established curriculum is now being complemented by  ML4Q courses.  Leaving the students a freedom of choosing the topics they are the most interested in, our aim is to provide a comprehensive view on quantum information theory and on platforms for devices. Students can be granted with the ML4Q Certificate as confirmation of the commitment to this area of research within the ML4Q Cluster.

The ML4Q PhD students, distributed among all the partner institutions, get an excellent training related to scientific interests from their supervisors and senior colleagues in the groups they work in. At the same time, the Research School aims to support them in improving transferable skills, extending their scientific network  beyond the working group or the institute and career planing.

Also postdoctoral fellows within the ML4Q Cluster profit not only from excellent scientific environment and networking possibilities, but also from vast training and career development  offer from partner universities. In addition ML4Q Research School plans individual mentoring program for postdoctoral fellows, tailored to their specific needs and thus broaden the already existing offers.

In case of any further question please contact ML4Q Research School Coordinator.


Master Programs related to quantum information and technology



All sites offer Master programs or new areas of specialization related to quantum information and technology. More information can be found on the respective websites of the partners:

Note: Students interested in in joining the BCGS and Master Track on Quantum Technology at RWTH Aachen can apply to the BSGS MSc fellowship programme. The next call of application will start in Autumn 2020.

ML4Q Courses


Platforms for Quantum Technologies

This new course (click here for details regarding registration, curriculum, etc.), taught jointly by lecturers from Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, and Jülich covers the broad range of research within ML4Q. It took place for the first time at the University of Cologne in block format (comprising both lectures and exercises) from March 16-27.

Intensive weeks

These are topical block courses offered usually during the semester break. During a one week of  intensive training students get an opportunity to get a first hand insight into the current research related to quantum technologies and information. The first courses are planned for winter semester 20/21.

ML4Q Certificate


Master students interested in quantum technologies, after fulfilling the requirements listed below, can be granted a ML4Q Certificate. This document, signed by all universities and partner institutions will document students’ commitment to quantum information and  technologies topics

  • Attendance of Platforms for Quantum Technologies Course
  • Attendance of one of the ML4Q Intensive Weeks
  • Attendance of one of the courses listed here
  • Master Thesis in one of the ML4Q groups

If you have any questions to the certificate please contact ML4Q Research School Coordinator


Training in Transferable Skills


All three universities have an excellent offer on training in transferable skills that is open to all ML4Q doctoral students. As members of ML4Q Research School, PhD candidates from all locations can participate in programmes offered by Albertus Magnus Centre, Bonn Graduate Centre and the Center for Doctoral Studies at RWTH Aachen. If you are interested in attending a course offered at the university you are not enrolled at, please contact research school coordinator first. The already existing programmes are complemented by courses organised by Research School itself, in collaboration with BCGS and CDC.

Doctoral students are also encouraged to participate in the ML4Q courses (e.g. Intensive Weeks), workshops and seminars.

ML4Q Research School supports students also in attending conferences and external workshops. For more information please contact the coordinator.

Our Courses


Upcoming courses
Past courses
Courses offered by Research School so far:

Scientific Writing Workshop

Research Data Management Workshop



Networking & Career Planning



Students and postdocs in the ML4Q cluster are not only distributed over different locations, but also work on very divers research questions. Thus we plan various activities to bring them together and provide an opportunity of getting familiar with other topics represented in the cluster. One of them is a PhD & Postdocs Retreat. During this event organised by young researchers, they will have a chance to get to know each other, discuss science, meet invited guests and also learn how to present their own research to audience not really familiar with the topic. More information is coming soon

Another important aspect of professional development of young scientist is planning of the next career steps. Here again ML4Q students and postdocs can profit from programmes already offered by University of Cologne, Bonn University  and RWTH Aachen.

In addition, the ML4Q Alumni Career Talks will give young scientist  a first hand insight into the possible career paths within the fird pf Quantum Technologies and Information. In this seminar series two to three invited guests from and outside academia will share their woriking experience with students and postdocs. The format including short talks, panel discussion and informal get together will assure that audiacne not only get the information on various possiblities but will have a chance to directly interact with the speakers. The Alumnu Career Talks are panned to take place twice a year. More deatils to come soon.