Nov 20 2020


3:15 - 16:15


Registration required

Talk on guerilla DataScience by David Kriesel

David Kriesel will be talking at the Physics Colloqium in Bonn about guerilla DataScience:

The German Railway indicate their delays in “percent of punctual trains per month”. This is aggregated so radically that of course nothing interesting can be read from it. That’s how large companies work. Now imagine that you could take a closer look at it. As it turns out, you can! Since the beginning of 2019, I have systematically downloaded data for every single stop of every single train at every single long-distance station throughout Germany. His giant dataset includes delays and everything else.
We will explore this mass of data in a colorful lecture, we will look at the do’s and don’ts of guerilla DataScience projects, and we will have a look on how to x-ray large companies from the outside.

The presentation will be streamed via Zoom. Contact the Cluster office for registration.