May 06 2022


15:15 - 16:30

Seminar with Jean Dalibard

The Collège de France maintains a partnership with the University of Bonn, which for this purpose has established an “Ernst Robert Curtius-Visiting Professorship”, which is currently held by the physicist Jean Dalibard, holder of the chair of “Atomes et rayonnement” at the Collège de France.

Details of the talk:

When: Tuesday, 06.05.2022, 3pm
IAP, Physikalisches Institut, Hörsaal 1, Bonn
Quantum gases in low dimension : From scale invariance to Quantum Hall physics

Abstract: The physics of many-body systems depends strongly on their dimensionality, as illustrated by
the unique properties of electron gases confined in quantum wells. More recently, advances in
cold atom physics have led to new developments in the study of the “quantum Flatland”. By
freezing certain dimensions of space, or by exploiting synthetic extra-dimensions, one can
reveal spectacular features of low-dimensional physics at ultra-low temperature. In this talk, I
will illustrate the richness of this 2D world by describing the emergence of scale invariance
for flat atomic gases and discussing their connection with Quantum-Hall-type phenomena