Dec 17 - 18 2020


All Day


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Online workshop on patent law in quantum computing (via Zoom)

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize the world. Along with technological benefits, this means that this technology has a significant economic potential. Those who develop the fundamentals of quantum computing today are therefore well-advised to protect their rights as soon as possible. At a university, we are used to publishing our work for our fellow researchers. However, despite being vital to the scientific progress, publications in general mean that anybody can use our findings for free. In order to avoid this, patents come into play. Since legal aspects of patents are not well-known in the scientific community, we offer this workshop. It is directed to the basics of patent law with an emphasis on quantum computing: Can a quantum computer or its algorithm be patented? How can we obtain such a patent and how can we use it economically?

The workshop is intended for grad students, postdocs and researchers. No prior knowledge of patent law is required.

The workshop will be split into two seminars taking place in the afternoon of Dec 17 (1pm – 5 pm) and in the morning of Dec 18 (9am – 1pm).

The first session will focus on the basics of patent law. The secon session will through some light on specific aspects regarding quantum technologies.

Registration starts on Monday, Dec 14. For further details see the event flyer.

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