Jun 01 2021


9:00 - 12:30


Closed session

ML4Q Subgroup 1: Materials/Devices towards Majorana Qubits

3rd ML4Q-Subgroup Meeting
“Materials and Devices towards Majorana Qubits”
Wednesday, March, 9th, 2:00-6:00 pm (hybrid)

Venue for on-site participation:
RWTH Aachen, Physikzentrum, Melaten, 28 D 001
Please note that the participation in person requires 3G.

PIs and their group members who are not part of the subgroup are encouraged to participate.

Zoom Link for online participation:

Meeting ID: 950 7692 4815

Password: 996141


14:00 Welcome

Talks (20 min talk/10 min discussion)
14:05 Christoph Ringkamp (Jülich, Mussler group) Molecular-beam epitaxy of topological insulators

14:35 Xiankui Wei (Jülich, Maier group) Atomic-scale structural characterization of topological insulator/superconductor

15:05 Coffee break

Xiao Hou (Jülich, Plucinski group) Investigation of the V/TI interface by TEM and ARPES: first results

15:50 Alexander Grüneis (Cologne) Epitaxial organic superconductor – topological insulator heterostructures

16:20 Organization of discussion groups

16:25 Coffee break

Small group discussion in separate rooms (hybrid possible)

A: Required disorder level for Majorana Qubits (chair: Ando/Hassler)
B: Future role of materials science in ML4Q (chair: Morgenstern)
C…: upon request (please send an email with a possible subject to until March, 1st)

17:45 wrap-up of results from small group meetings (28 D001)

18:00 end of meeting