Jan 18 2022


14:00 - 14:45

Jülich quantum computing seminar

Speaker: Hannes Lagemann, JSC

Title:  Real-time simulations of the quantum approximate optimisation algorithm with a circuit Hamiltonian model

The quantum approximate optimisation algorithm (or QAOA) is a variational algorithm. The algorithm consists of two parts. A quantum step which evaluates a cost function and a classical step which performs the optimisation. The hope is that the classical optimisation step can mitigate errors which appear in state-of-the-art quantum processors. We investigate this idea by simulating the time evolution of superconducting quantum processors with two and three qubits. The model which generates the dynamics of the system is a lumped-element circuit Hamiltonian model. We find that in this model the classical optimisation step can mitigate some of the gate errors which are caused by imperfect two-qubit gates.

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