Nov 30 2020




Open event

Düsseldorf Quantum Info Online Seminars

Inverting Non-bijective Maps through Recovering Channels

A talk given by Lea Lautenbacher, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil

Abstract: With the advance of quantum computing and quantum communication, open quantum systems became an active area of research. It is very uncommon to deal with systems in complete isolation. As a consequence of this interaction with the environment, unexpected memory effects and information losses are challenging for the development of quantum technologies. In this work we investigate non-bijective physical evolutions as dephasing, depolarizing and amplitude damping channel, at the regime where an inverse evolution is not well defined. We propose an approach using recovering maps, here to be the Petz recovery map, to easily compute an inverse evolution and consequently classify the non invertibility degree of these quantum channels. This strategy was further explored in non-Markovian evolutions. We investigate how this approach could be useful to construct physical evolutions, simulating a non-complete positive dynamics by complete positive ones.