Dec 21 2021


16:45 - 18:00


Open event

Magnetic Materials and Topology (Bonn Colloqium on Optics and Condensed Matter)

The Bonn Colloqium on Optics and Condensed Matter is hosting
Claudia Felser,
Max Planck Institute Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden,
who will be talking about Magnetic Materials and Topology.


Topology, a mathematical concept, recently became a hot and truly transdisciplinary topic in
condensed matter physics, solid state chemistry and materials science. All 200 000 inorganic materials
were recently classified into trivial and topological materials: topological insulators, Dirac, Weyl and
nodalline semimetals, and topological metals [1]. Around 20% of all materials host topological bands.
Currently, we have focussed also on magnetic materials, a fertile field for new since all crossings in the
band structure of ferromagnets are Weyl nodes or nodal lines [2], as for example Co2MnGa and
Co3Sn2S2. Beyond a single particle picture and identified antiferromagnetic topological materials [3].
The goal is to identify new quantummaterials for highly efficient spintronics, quantum computing and
energy conversion

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The talk will be taking place on Tuesday, December 21, via Zoom (for access link please contact the office).
It will start at 16:45 with a discussion, followed by the actual talk at 17:15.