Sep 06 2023


12:00 - 21:00


Registration required

2nd JUQCA Day

After its kick-off meeting last November, JUQCA is inviting to its 2nd JUQCA Day on September 6 where all the quantum computing scientists – from director to Bachelor student – will get the opportunity to listen to each other’s talks, chat and share a meal. The program offers (see below) tutorial sessions, pitches on running projects, and there will be a short introduction of ML4Q as well.

Then take part in our JUQCA Day: September 6th 2023 from 12:00h in the lecture hall of the Central Library at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Registration open until June 30th 2023:


12:00 Snacks and attaching posters
13:00 The past year in JUQCA
Scientific Highlights​


Welcome by Prof. Astrid Lambrecht


13:45 Tutorial Session I – programming a QC (JSC)*
Tutorial Session II – Tune your qubit (PGI-11)
Tutorial Session III -qubit control software  (PGI-12/Qruise)
14:45 Transfer​​
15:00 Coffee break & more attaching posters
15:15 ML4Q talk
15:25 Introduction to pitches
15:30 Pitches
16:40 Posters, Screens and Drinks
17:45 Dinner (and continued Poster Session)
21:00 End
*Rooms for Tutorial sessions: ZB Hörsaal, PGI-Seminar Room 142, Geb. 4.8, IEK-7/8 Seminar Room 05.2X 3012, (Room allocation not yet determined)