On Sunday, March 7, 1971, the first Sendung mit der Maus was broadcast. Over the last 50 years, more that 2200 episodes were produced by the WDR in Cologne explaining – not only to children – how everyday objects are manufactured and how they function. Die Maus has certainly inspired many children and nurtured their curiosity and ability to ask questions and try to come up with creative and clever solutions.

To celebrate the huge impact of Die Maus in promoting knowledge and scientific thinking, all Clusters of Excellence at the University of Cologne as well as the Cologne Children University organized a relay linking the different research questions of the running clusters and encouraging Die Maus to keep up the excellent work.

Watch the video greeting here: https://www.wdrmaus.de/maus50/wirfeiern/index.php5?detail=070220210930 

Image copyright: WDR/Schwettmann